Thursday, 5 August 2010


Friday 12:15 a.m.
Interesting wedding day. Wonderful people. Both the bride and groom cried. There was a lot of dead people at that wedding. I left with two rolls with square sausages in them. Square sausages? You cannot get square sausages anywhere else. I wonder why that is.


Marie Rex said...

Weddings can be interesting.

Dead people at a wedding? That is a curious idea. Did someone bring granny's ashes?

I had a friend that kept her dad's ashes on the top of her fridge in the kitchen. It was strange.

Hotboy said...

Marie! The dead people were brought to mind and sometimes you knew the next time some of them would be dead. Hotboy

rob said...

What kind of a wedding serves square sausages? And what was a vegetarian doing pinching them? Something's fishy.

Hotboy said...

Albert? In Blantyre they serve delicious square sausages on dry rolls, but you could also get the deep fried mars bars if the sausages didny fire your rockets. Hotboy