Friday, 6 August 2010

More Friday Photies!

Friday 11:16 p.m.
I did ten of Mr Iyengar's yogic jumpings this evening. Then I did the hundred prostrations. By about twenty five, the sweat was starting to mark the linoleum on the kitchen floor. By about fifty you wanted to watch how closely you touched your brow since it was running in sweat, and you didn't want that to transfer to your palms since that would make you skid about, and you don't want that.My teeshirt was soaked in sweat, and my hair was wet with sweat by the end. I could get into this prostrations lark, so I could!

Seems years since I'd been in the allotment, far less the hut. I went up for a couple of hours this afternoon and it was wonderful. I collected the food in the photie and came home between showers. The flowers don't show up so good in the dark between showers. But it was oddly warm. I loved being out. I've been meditating in the mouldy room too much.

I've just had a great day! The meditations were a great joy! Oh, ra bliss, ra bliss, ra bliss!


Marie Rex said...

Beautiful flowers and a good haul of food.

My tomatoes are getting ripe, well the ones in the porch are.

The ones outside are just starting to flower, not sure I'll see fruits from them.

The sky is a slightly brighter shade of gray at the moment here. We haven't had a full sunny day since June. *sigh*

Hotboy said...

Marie! That sounds like the weather we had here last summer. Right now I'll put on my sun hat and go cavorting about the town and hope that we get some sun sometime and that it doesn't rain too much. Hotboy

rob said...

It would probably help if you remove the supermarket cellophane from the cabbage before presenting it to the DB. Don't want her to realise all you do at the allotment is sit around breathing.

Pic 1 is actually good enough to be on a calendar or a Hallmark notelet. My own photies wouldn't even make it into Pervert's Monthly.