Sunday, 8 August 2010

Last Week Resume

Sunday 10:14 p.m.
The best laid plans ... I must say this holiday has not turned out quite as I hoped. Rarely have I done nine hours meditating a day. I only slept in the hut one night. I have had a good rest though!

I'm still niggling myself sometimes with this prostrations and hundred syllable mantra business. It's difficult to see the point. Seems a touch formulaic, eh, Jack? Just get on with it, Hotboy. In Tibet people speak tibetan and it isn't gobbledegook to them. I say mantras to myself all the blinking time as it is. Such like aggravations occurred today.

Instead of prostrating myself, I did the five hills run tonight. The Mull half marathon was run today so the old, toothless one is probably in the undertakers as I write since he was supposed to be running in it today. Or jogging, or plodding, vomiting, passing out and rolling over unconscious, giving all that knew him a red neck. But would he listen? A person of his age and decrepitude should have stuck to playing darts in the old men's huts.

The meditations I have managed to do have been most gratifying, but I've been thinking of becoming more normal.


Marie Rex said...

Get on with it feller me lad, whinging about it won't make it easier or faster.

I never run, I don't even walk fast.

Hotboy said...

Marie! The old, toothless one has a motorised zimmer! Pouring with rain this morning here in the Festival city! Hotboy

rob said...

I'm not sure if a Tibetan has ever ventured into Bellshill to study the local patois. That might help balance things up.

Re becoming more normal. Shouldn't you start with something a bit easier?

Hotboy said...

Albert? By normal, I mean more normal than you and Mingin'! Hotboy

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

I think we need a bit more of a definition of 'normal' here. That would help a lot.


Hotboy said...

Mingin'! Normal is normal as in behaving normally. Some readers of this bloggy might think they know what that is, but might not. Hotboy

rob said...

Hotters. Everyone thinks they know what normal is. That's the problem. At least in the fatherland, everyone agreed what's normal.

Hotboy said...

Albert? I've changed from this cringing attitude. I was already normal. I am the norm. Of course! Hotboy

rob said...

If only you could write humour like that in your post-Alma-Mater books, you'd clean up.

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