Thursday, 12 August 2010


Thursday 5:40 p.m.
I went out to see the consiglieri yesterday to show how normal I could be. We uploaded one of my books to the Kindle thing on Amazon. They say it takes a couple of days to review it before it's downloadable, and if it goes ahead, I'll write something about it. Of course, nobody will know it's there and nobody will buy it, but it was interesting to see how easily it was done.

If it happens, it will be available in the states for a dollar and in Blighty for seventy five pence. This was the lowest price you were allowed to charge. I think I'm due about 26p a download, but the consiglieri will be due 15% of that, so I get about 20p a download.

Rich! Rich, Jack! I'm going to be rich!

Do you know anyone who owns a Kindle thing, Hotboy? Erm, no, Jack. Have you ever seen one? No, I haven't. Oh well.


rob said...

Hotters. I've never seen one either. Did the concierge say whether it's readable on iPhones?

PS if it takes off, there'll even be enough money to cover the lawsuits when I upload The Real Alma Mater.

Hotboy said...

Albert? I just did the art. I can't remember all this stuff about fixing things. You should take this over and make yourself ten percent off the fifteen percent. Considering you haven't done anything, this is a capitalism you can afford! Hotboy

Marie Rex said...

I actually know a couple folks with one of those silly gadgets. So let me know when it is uploaded.

I prefer a real book, more likely to survive if I accidentally drop it in a mud puddle.

Alaamah eg1 said...

Alaamah eg1 said...