Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Jacket

Saturday 1:20 a.m.
Around about May, or maybe just after Easter, I put away my winter jacket and put on my summer jacket. I've had the same summer jacket for years. It was in a photie which was taken in the lobby here as I was about to go to Nepal around fourteen years ago. I think the jacket must be eighteen years old. The kiddo did the glass thing of the photie.

The Domestic Bliss has confiscated the jacket and is sending it to jacket heaven even although it was good for at least another ten years. She has bought me another jacket. When I wear this other jacket, I am transformed from the care-in-the-community joe and become the kind of joe who is about twelve and whose mother buys him nice, practical clothes. I suppose I should pay more attention.

Standing outside the International Bar this evening ... across the road two very striking and totally gorgeous women were swaying and swinging along. The little black dresses, the provocative just being there. They looked across. I didn't wave. Hello, boys! The Domestic Bliss said they were two of the Ladyboys from Bangkok, who have a show every Festival in the Meadows. She said when have you ever seen a woman walking along the road like that? Going through the West End in the taxi ... there weren't any women quite in your face like that. Hmmm?

I'm going to have to give up all this juju and try to get some money, Jack! I tried this evening to get onto Wordpress so I could bail out of this bloggy, but it looked too complicated for moi! If I do leave here, I'll let the three or four folk who come here know where I've gone. This samsara has no discernible beginning and no discernible end. Neither has the juju, at least as far as the end is concerned. I go back to the jobbie on Monday. Maybe I'll set up a new bloggy then.


Marie Rex said...

I'm impressed you can put away your winter clothes. I'm still wearing mine.

My husband, being the clever fellow he is, got the computer to be able to read Kindle books, so we got your book yesterday. Looking forward to making a batch of brownies and having a good read.

Do leave a trail of breadcrumbs if you wander off.

Hotboy said...

Marie! I tried to set up a new blog this morning, but failed miserably and now it looks as if I can't post on this one either!! I'll get back to it and see if I can fix it later. But I have my doubts. Hotboy

Hotboy said...

Everyone! It looks as if I've started a new blog. It's called rabloggy and the url is

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I need a new start! Hotboy

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say,

Wilson says, please, PLEASE, could you send him your old jacket. He says that his one is very threadbare, and only has one arm.

I would advise you to ignore all of this as I believe it is a scam to get yet another loan off me.

There's very little wrong with his present jacket. OK, so there's only one arm, but I've already advised him too pull off the other one.

Have you considered asking Brian Wilson for advice about the new bloggy thing? After all, he is supposed to be quite a whizz at alll that stuff.

Marie Rex said...

your new blog won't take comments from me.

Hotboy said...

Marie! I don't understand these computery things! Must be just a temporary glitch surely! Hotboy

rob said...

Can't see the point of moving to a new blog. You need to find the newness within. Meet the new blog. Just like the old blog. Name that tune if you like.

You might leave here for 4 days in space. But when you return it's still the same old place. Name that tune too

rob said...

Unable to comment at the other blog. We're doomed, I tell you!

Hotboy said...

Albert? You're the computery genius so why is that? I thought I'd loosened up the comments bit. Hotboy

Marie Rex said...

It still won't let me post on the new one *pout*

Hotboy said...

Marie! I'll go into the layout of the new blog and try to free up the comments bit again! Right now! Hotboy

Anonymous said...

What happened to your posts on vase breathing? Come back hot boy!

Hotboy said...

Anony! I'm blogging these days at rajujublog.blogspot. If you've been reading the vase breathing posts, leave a comment on the newer blog and I'll do another one. Hardly any of my few readers give a damn about that stuff. Hotboy

Lee Ann said...

helloooo???? xo
Lee Ann :)

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