Friday, 6 August 2010

Different Kind of Friday!

Friday 1:05 p.m.
The Domestic Bliss is at another wedding today and won't be back till the early hours. I'm thinking of cleaning up my room since I spend a lot more time in there these days. Maybe later.

I've been so fortunate with these meditations. During the first one today I just resided in the various degrees of bliss. Just being happy to be able to be there, and be there almost immediately no matter what I've been up to. That's certainly something worth having.

Weather's crap. I may stay in today. I'm not doing the Lanarkshire cycle due to seeing these folk yesterday. Hurrah!


rob said...

The instant switch into bliss would be like a holiday. Some folk pay a fortune to go somewhere, and don't appreciate it. Some folk have to get married just to have a honeymoon.

PS - it's quite understandable that you can't face cleaning your room. I've seen it. Board it up, or fill it in with concrete. You'll feel free. I should do the same here.

Hotboy said...

Albert? It's an awful waste of time cleaning up rooms, so it is. Hotboy p.s. I'll do it tomorrow. Hotboy

Marie Rex said...

Personally I find fire the best solution to a mess. Just pitch it all out the window and toss in a match.

Of course that won't work when it has been raining FOREVER.

Stupid weather.

Hotboy said...

Marie! I found something else to do. I went and sat in my hut! Hotboy